Interior Design

For over twenty years we have offered a full range of interior design services, working from space planning and color consultations to purchasing and installing furnishings and accessories. Our careers are marked with many achievements such as Parade of Homes Reggie Awards for Interior Design. Publications include featured stories in Furnishings, Midwest Homes, Professional Builders and St. Paul Star and Tribune.

Space Planning

We are not always about rules. We like to create flow and interactions in spaces and design them to be interesting, yet helpful in simplifying your life.

Lighting Design

Sometimes simple, sometimes dramatic. We use lighting to make a space come alive and to reflect both the personality of the client and the character of their home.

Paint & Color Consulting

We consider ourselves color enthusiasts and have been highly sought after for our passion and expertise in selecting palettes for both interior and exterior applications.

Collectible Fine Art

Our goal at Baker Court Interiors is to find collectible fine art and architectural elements that reflect the remarkable cultures of our world. We select colors that are organic and grounded, working to enhance architectural elements.

Furnishings & Accessories

Because we respect the individual uniqueness of each client and their needs, we take great pride in the wide variety of furnishings and accessories we have to offer. Our collection is a reflection of our travels and our buying experiences at international markets.