About Baker Court Interiors

Baker Court Interiors’ founding philosophy is to provide clients with “Design For Real Life.” Grounded by the core values we have each built our lives around, we find the importance of practicality — good design is of timeless value. We love the exhilaration that comes from the close relationships we develop with clients. The blending of vision and experience leads to a common search for creating a unique space that radiates warmth and friendship, life and light. Taking a holistic view of each client’s life, family and future dreams gives us a perspective to work from. We can create a fusion of color, fabric, materials and finishes that represents a larger legacy rather than just an isolated place of design. To say we are customer-centric understates our commitment and focus to clients as the heart of our design work.

Clients love working with us. Our “working studio” integrates clients into the center of the design process. The collaboration that takes place in this special space creates a union of diverse experiences seeking to evolve and embrace the possibilities. It is out of this collaboration that homeowners dictate the heart, soul, tradition, spirit and personality of every home that we design. We are serious about our responsibility to realize clients’ design dreams while keeping our focus clear and directed. We are also serious about making sure the process is fun. One cannot help but notice the gleam in our eyes and the smiles on our faces as we share our creative and dramatic ideas and excitement for turning a home into a beloved space of joy and contentment.